In this piece I worked as assistant director where I participated in various client meetings as well as crew briefings on how to approach the project and filmed the dance classes using HPX 370 Pansonic cameras that took place at the dance school while also helping with the lighting set up within the studio using lowel lighting kits placed at the corners of the dance studio 


In this short experimental narrative film I created, I used Celtex to create the final spcript which was 15 pages long. I directed the film and assembled my crew and actors as well. The cameras that we used was the AF-100 camera since it provided the resolution and the definition that I was seeking along with the types of frames that I needed for the film. The equipment we used for lighting was desisti and lowel kits. Then for post production I used Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Pro tools to edit the final piece.


Edited footage for online radio station using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to create a teaser trailer.